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contemporary ceramic portraits

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Contemporary ceramic portraits drawn, carved, engraved or painted into earthenware clay and kiln fired. Unique two-dimensional sculptures, delicate portrait drawings with the permanence of ceramics.

These earthenware portraits capture and commemorate faces in single tile images, or through groups of tile portraits. A tile group might show different studies of one person, exploring a range of colours and forms that evolve in the working process. Or a tile group might be drawings of different people, the resulting ceramic sculpture is a group portrait reflecting their relationship.

These unique ceramic portraits take two forms:

Experimental, evolving contemporary ceramic drawings - two-dimensional wall-hung drawings and sculpture
Commissions of individual portrait tiles or tile panels, in drawing styles depicted here, on hand-made or standard dust-pressed earthenware tiles

Each portrait is an individually made unique image preserved in clay which has been repeatedly fired to 1080 degrees C.


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